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A special microclimate at the heart of Gols

The Kalbskopf (“cattle head”) vineyard site is situated on a southwest slope at the edge of the Parndorf Plain and forms the extension of the Altenberg vineyard site into Gols. The Bäckersteig (“baker’s path”), one of many old paths leading through the vineyards, forms the border between the two sites. Starting from the neighbouring Zeisselberg vineyard site, Kalbskopf is situated on a gentle slope down towards Gols. Meanwhile, many houses have been built there, any only 3 ha are used for winegrowing.

Der Boden der Lage Kalbskopf zeigt einen Tschernosem. Der durch Humus dThe soil of Kalbskopf consists of chernozem. The topsoil is dark with humus and composed of loamy-sandy material. The silty-sandy zone forms the transition from the humic topsoil to the parent soil. The loamy sediments, which are approximately 7 million years old, include precipitated lime in many places.

In unserem Weingarten am Kalbskopf wachsen unsere ältesten Our vineyard at Kalbskopf is home to our oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vines, which we planted in 1995. Here, they flourish particularly well due to the southwest orientation and the special microclimate of this vineyard site.