Nurturing nature



The philosophy behind our work

Quality and natural taste cannot be produced in a laboratory or by using additives. Good wine is a natural product and originates in the vineyard.


Carefully selected and harvested by hand

Before the grapes are harvested, their degree of ripeness is exactly determined. For the complexity of optimum ripeness to be reflected in the end product, the time frame for the harvest is very short. Grapes are exclusively hand-harvested. They are pre-selected in the vineyard and are submitted to a second careful selection process in the winery to avoid contamination of the harvest. We only process our own grapes, so all our wines are estate-bottled.


Gentle processing
without any additives

Grapes are processed in the most careful manner, using modern technology, and in accordance with the requirements of a given vintage. Work in the cellar is limited to strengthening the quality achieved in the vineyard. Whether whole-bunch pressing in the case of classical white wines in hot years or cold maceration and fermentation on the skin in the case of wines from prime vineyards, or fermentation in small vats and long mash fermentation times – the procedures employed highlight the character of the wine. We absolutely refuse to alter our wines with the use of technology, wood chips, tannins or other additives.


Wine matures with time -
patience is rewarded

Our wines are sold to customers only once they have reached optimum maturity and have developed their full potential. Wine needs time to mature, and we give our wines time. Having matured in stainless steel tanks, large wooden barrels or barrique barrels, our wines continue to mature in the bottles for some months before they are sold. The maturing time depends on the requirements of a given vintage.