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Mineral, sappy, opulent wines

The vineyards at the Goldberg vineyard site slightly slope towards the northeast. Goldberg (“golden hill”) is a typical name of a vineyard site indicating good yield and high quality.

The soil profile of Goldberg shows chernozem. The humic top soil consists of sandy loam material with a high portion of coarse material. Sediments from the ancient River Danube, which are about 600,000 years old and are characterised by alternating beds of lime-free sand and limy gravel, form the parent material of this soil. Weathering and the formation of new iron oxides lead to the reddish-brown colour.

Goldberg is located on the Parndorf Plain and extends across approximately 45 ha. As the soft slope faces the northeast, Goldberg is unique in Gols, being less exposed to the sun. The cooler climate benefits the development of the grapes and the aromas, especially in St. Laurent and Zweigelt. Due to the high amount of iron, the wines have a deep dark colour and are very luscious and fleshy. In our vineyards at Goldberg, we grow St. Laurent and Weißburgunder, as well as Zweigelt as one of the main components of our Stiegelmar cuvée wine.