Perfect for Burgunder (Pinot) varieties

The Apfelgrund (“apple ground”) vineyard site is located between Gols and Podersdorf am See. For a long time, it was used as pastureland and land leased to farmers. Only at a relatively late time, during a wine boom, was it divided and planted with grapevines. The reason why the site was given its name has been lost to history.

Apfelgrund is a flat area slightly sloping towards Podersdorf. Its soil is composed of brown earth with a high portion of lime. At the centre of the area, most of the soil contains a high amount of gravel and stones. Due to the high portion of stone, the soil is well permeable, heats easily and is lean, making it one of our earliest-ripening vineyards.

Owing to the limey brown earth and the high portion of stone, Apfelgrund is primarily suited for Burgunder (Pinot) varieties. Our vineyards there are primarily planted with Pinot blanc, Pinot Gris and St. Laurent, the latter also being vinified as a varietal wine from a single vineyard.