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Mellow wines with a charming appeal

The Neuberg (“new hill”) vineyard site is situated on a soft southwest slope. When the wine growing areas were enlarged in the Middle Ages, the area was planted with vines as an extension of the Altenberg vineyard site.

The soil profile of Neuberg shows chernozem. The sandy-silty topsoil is dark in colour due to humus and has a low limestone and gravel content. The transitional horizon has a slightly brown colour because of the formation of new iron oxides. Alternating beds of sand and gravel of varying colours form the parent soil. Some of those layers, which were deposited about 7 million years ago, contain lots of limestone and include precipitated lime. The Neuberg vineyard site, approximately 14 ha in size, is characterised by rolling hills. The grapes of the vines planted here produce mellow wines with a charming appeal. Weißburgunder, Neuburger, Chardonnay, Zweigelt and St. Laurent are particularly suited for this location.

In our vineyards at Neuberg we grow Weißburgunder, but mainly Zweigelt for our Stiegelmar cuvée wine.