Ideal for fruity and velvety wines

The Edelgrund vineyard site is situated between Gols and Podersdorf am See. In earlier times, the vineyards were the fief of a nobleman (“Edelmann”), hence the name of this area. Originally, it belonged to Pahlendorf, a village that was devastated during the first Turkish siege of Vienna and was not reconstructed. Most of the villagers of Pahlendorf settled in Gols. Following a dispute with the feudal lord of Frauenkirchen, who also laid claim to the land, the land they held in fee was finally allocated to Gols.

Edelgrund is flat and features dark humic soil, which is interspersed with smaller and larger patches of gravel typical of the Seewinkel region. The soil heats easily and, due to the portion of gravel, is well permeable, which is important to prevent water from accumulating.

The vineyards there yield fruity, velvety wines. Our vineyards at Edelgrund are primarily planted with Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch, which undergo classical vinification as varietal wines from a single vineyard and which we also use as the basis for our Heideboden cuvée wine. A small part of the vineyards is planted with old Roter Traminer vines for our Traminer Edelgrund wine.