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Powerful and elegant wines

The Altenberg vineyard site lies on a southwest slope at the edge of the Parndorf Plain. Its name translates as “old hill” and was used to designate an area that has been planted with grapevines for a long time. The benefits of this excellent location were recognized very early on.

The soil profile of Altenberg shows brown-coloured chernozem. The humic topsoil contains some limestone and is characterised by a high portion of gravel. In addition, a brown-coloured transitional horizon is visible. The brown colour is the result of weathering and the formation of new iron oxides. The parent soil is formed by sediments that are around7 million years old. Due to weathering processes, precipitated lime has accumulated in numerous places.

Altenberg extends over the most part of the slopes near Gols (approximately 52 ha) and has always been one of the best vineyard sites. Due to the gradient of the slopes, which guarantee intense solar radiation, the vineyards there yield powerful and elegant wines.

In our vineyards at Altenberg, we mainly grow Blaufränkisch and Cabernet Sauvignon. Both varieties are used for our Stiegelmar cuvée wine, while Blaufränkisch is also vinified as a varietal wine from a single vineyard.