Blaufränkisch Ried Edelgrund 2019


Includes 20% MwSt.

quality wine

Age of the vines:
32 to 50 years
The grapes for this wine come from the Edelgrund vineyard site, which is situated in the Heideboden region and has been part of Gols since the early 16th century, when it belonged to a nobleman (“Edelmann”), hence the name of this vineyard. It is characterised by warm, permeable soils of gravel and black earth, which are ideally suited for the Blaufränkisch variety.
Following yield reduction to 8 bunches per vine, the grapes were carefully selected and harvested by hand on 20 September.
Selection of the grapes, gentle processing, controlled mash fermentation, malolactic fermentation, matured in large wooden barrels and previously used barrique barrels for 12 months, bottled on 10 November 2021
Tasting notes:
Deep, dark ruby red colour with a light rim; very intense nose of blueberries and blackberries; the palate continues the clear fruit and presents itself with a fine, elegant tannin structure; fleshy and sappy, long-lasting on the finish (2 November 2021)
Alcohol content13.0% alc/volResidual sugar2.1 g/lTotal acidity5.1 g/l