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Deep wines with remarkable finesse

The Hochäcker (“high fields”) vineyard site is situated at the highest elevation in Gols on the Parndorf Plain. The vineyards run from east to west and are slightly sloped towards the west. As a result, they are strongly exposed to the wind.

The soil profile of Hochäcker shows chernozem, which formed directly on the parent soil. The topsoil is dark with organic matter and contains a high amount of coarse material. The parent soil below consists of 600,000 year-old gravel from the ancient River Danube. Its reddish-brown colour is the result of weathering and the formation of new iron oxides. The deeper soil layers consist of Tertiary sediments with lime inclusions.

As one of the cooler vineyard sites in Gols, Hochäcker is particularly suited for deep, complex wines from early-ripening varieties. Our vineyards at Hochäcker are planted with Pinot gris, Zweigelt and, above all, Chardonnay. Chardonnay is one of our flagship wines, which we also vinify as a varietal wine from a single vineyard.